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NGHH 2011 Competition

2011-11-14 02:02:00 by Psyballa

I'm in the NGHH 2011 Winter Battles thing. My profile makes me look like a total fag.

Labor Day Weekend!

2007-09-02 12:56:27 by Psyballa

Hello Newgrounds, happy Labor Day Weekend! I'm in Monterey right now with the family, currently just watching the US Open 4th round Women's Singles match: Serena Williams v. Marion Bartoli. It's interesting so far. Williams is about to close out the match, but I think Bartoli has a lot of potential.

Today we're goin' to church, then we're taking my cousin's family out to the 17-Mile Drive, one of Monterey's famous picnic spots. It's very nice over there. That's all I can say for now, bye NG!

Hi Newgrounds!

2007-08-24 13:56:13 by Psyballa

I guess as this is my very first formal news post on the Newgrounds userpage, I would make it a good one. I cannot draw, I cannot sing, but what I can do is review and criticize. I am an aspiring actor after all, so I figure I should get used to dealing it out as well as taking it in. I've had this account for over three years (under KiDRuNnGuN) and I have yet to hit 100 posts. I am not well known on this site! Hope there's more to come, NG.